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Recent Feedback

We've asked for your feedback regarding our site, shop, products and servce.  Here is what you've had to say recently...


 Had my 11-year-old Campy Chorus levers and rear derailleur rebuilt. Great communication from the shop, fast and expert work, and now my levers work like new. Highly recommended! I was out on my bike within a week of removing my levers. There's no need to throw the old ones away. It's Campy - it can be rebuilt!

--Mark R.





Hello, First I would like to commend you on your News letter. I enjoy it very much.  The quality and timliness of the repair work done was excellent.

--Raymond M.




Thanks for the excellent conversion of my Super Record 11sp lever to 10sp--works flawlessly!


--Philip L.





I emailed from Florida for some general information help. They responded within a few hours on a Saturday. Hat's off to Branford for outstanding customer service to a stranger/one time customer from Florida. Thank You.

--John W.


Always quick shipping and reponsive to email inquiries.

--Matt R.


Great follow up emails and choice of shipping methods.  Only wish I did not live in NJ, so I could check out your shop--thanks again!

--Todd K.


Overhauled my Record 9sp shifters--quick turnaround time.  Not cheap--but not cheap work--essentially new shifters for a fair price.  Highly recommend the shop and will return.

--Ghepardo L.


Sent my bike for an overhaul from Tulsa, Ok. to Seattle, Wa.  Was initially questioning the wisdom of a long-distance tune up, but 5 miles into my first ride convinced me that it was money well spent!  Both levers completely rebuilt, frame stripped, all bearings cleaned, checked and lubricated, new cables/housing, bar tape, rear d. jockey pulleys.  Highly recommended shop!

--Jim B.


Found out about this shop online--heard they had a reputation for knowing their stuff regarding Campy.  Called up and talked to a very curteous, very knowledgeable guy (Doug, shop mgr.) who took the time to answer all my questions.  Placed an order with confidence--cannot wait for it to arrive.

--Kevin R.


Just finished fourth rebuild of Campy ergo lever--as advertised good as new.  So nice to have a site such as Branford Bike to get rebuild information and parts!

--Alan K.


I am amazed by your ultra quick shipping.  I ordered some ergo parts on Saturday and received them today, Monday!

--James J.