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About Us

Branford Bike

Branford Bike was established in 1976 in Branford, Connecticut by Tim Brockett.  Over the years our focus has been and continues to be high end road bikes, accessories and Campagnolo components.  Branford Bike published a mail order catalogue that was sent to customers world wide.  In the early stages of the internet revolution, Tim recognized that web-based sales were a perfect place to market road bike components.  Branford Bike launched its internet site in 1998.  As the popularity of the internet soared, so did Branford Bike's web sales.  In 2005, Tim made the decision to move from Branford, Connecticut to Emigrent, Montana to take advantage of all the wonderful recreational opportunities in and around Yellowstone National Park.  Branford Bike continued to ship parts world wide from this new location.  Unfortunately, in the summer of 2006, a wildfire swept through parts of Montana and Tim's house, shop and warehouse were completely destroyed.  Barely escaping with his life, Tim decided to concentrate all his efforts on rebuilding his home and personal life.  Please check here for a detailed account of the tragedy and subsequent rebuilding:  The current ownership purchased Branford Bike and moved the company to Seattle in November of 2006.  The website was re-opened for business in February of 2007 and the retail showroom was opened for business full time in July of 2008 in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.  Branford Bike still focuses on high end road bikes, accessories, Campagnolo equipment and customer service.  However, now in addition to the web site, we have a fully stocked showroom and workshop.  As an authorized Campagnolo Pro-Shop, we can help you with warranty issues, in addition to complete bike builds, ergo rebuilds and tune ups.  Our new, updated web site was launched in November 2008; our goal is to provide the same Campagnolo parts and helpful tips in an easy to use format.  Please send your comments and/or suggestions to

Happy Riding!